Bob McCreary

Hometown: San Jose, CA
Age: 53
Interests: Horror Punk, Rockabilly, San Jose Sharks & Collecting vintage cereal boxes
Favorite Quote: "Look at the big brain on Brad."
Favorite Color: Teal

Robert Tate

Hometown: Minot, ND
Age: 56
Interests: All music - Abba to Zappa, Blogging and painting with water colors
Favorite Color: Powder Blue

Ronnie Black (RIP)

Hometown: Newark, NJ
Age: Deceased

Interests: Rock N' Roll, Rakija, Irish Whisky, Painting

Favorite Quote: "Help me. Where am I?"

Favorite Color: Brown

Spencer Dipthorp

Hometown: Croton-on-Hudson, NY
Age: Is age a thing?
Interests: Shoegaze, Drone, Hip Hop, Dark Ambient, Psilocybin, Taxidermy &
The 80's Satanic Panic movement
Favorite Color: All
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Vince Arroyo

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Age: 34
Interests: Grindcore, Thrash, Screamo, Noise & Experimental music
Favorite Color: Green and Purple

Abigail Montgomery

Hometown: Century City, CA
Age: 108
Interests: Death Rock, Gothic, The Occult, & Photography
Favorite Quote: "Someday, this pain you feel will be a sweet memory."
Favorite Color: Black. I know it's not a color


Joe Pugsley

Hometown: Bloomfield, NJ
Age: 43
Interests: Guitars, Music, Philosophy, Sports Gaming
Favorite Quote: 

Favorite Color: Dark black
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