• Bob McCreary

Misfits Reunion...How excited should we be?

Ok, I know I’ll probably get some flack for this but honestly…I’m not THAT excited about this reunion, and I’m more than happy to explain why. I think that a lot of younger fans are more stoked about this, people who were probably born AFTER the Misfits had already broken up. From that respect I can see the excitement, seeing the “original” monsters (at least up front) bringing the classics back for the minions of Misfits fans, but for people like me, who were old enough (and lucky enough) to see them back in the day probably hold another opinion. Speaking for myself I saw them twice...once in Costa Mesa in 1981 and once in 1983 in LA. We were young, brash, wild, loud, angry and their sound helped shape the backdrop to that era of our lives (at least for mine) Call me a purist, but that organic development held a lot for me. The records had a special excitement and discovering it, was eye opening for me. And live, they let it all hang out..sloppy, loud and fierce…quite in contrast to the recordings, which made it even more

“punk” to me. My absolute favorite Misfits era is the very early stuff, with Franche Coma and Mr. Jim…but I do love the visuals of Jerry and Doyle, the “twins of evil”. Jerry absolutely killed the mystique of the band for me, with his 20 years of revolving door cartoonish display, but to each his own of course. Some kids eat that stuff up, and if that works for them I’m glad. But being in my late 50’s, I probably would have welcomed this reunion a lot more had I not seen snippets of the Danzig/Doyle legacy, or being embarrassed for Jerry Only trying to make the almighty dollar by marketing the Misfits like a poor mans KISS Army. But in reality, who am I? I’m a crusty old punker from LA who hates to admit I’m getting old because the reality of reunions 30 years later proves only one thing….and I’m sure this goes for Glenn, Jerry and Doyle…you gotta keep that fire burning inside or it’s time for the casket. So if you go to the festivals have fun, be safe and most of all, appreciate what you're seeing...I'll wait to maybe see it on video one day, but in the meantime I'll be at home listening to Static Age...on vinyl :)