• Robert Tate

Atom Driver May Hate Me Now

Man, just when I thought all the cool bands packed up and went corporate it's nice to hear this cool collection of demos from Atom Driver. Hailing from the city in NJ that at one time produced a bunch of cool indie/punk bands in the 80's and 90's, this trio does not disappoint. Just the right amount of low-fi, real cool voice, a great lefty Les Paul tone and a

solid as fuck rhythm section. "Life Tearing In" is my current fave in the collection, followed by "You May Hate Me Now". Listen closely, you up and coming snot nose bastards....put this on your fancy whatever is hot music player plugged into the input jack on your affordable transportation...and do 85 plus down the NJ Turnpike and be prepared to have your chapped butts kicked by these vets if they ever play live. Just remember to buckle up for safety :)

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