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THICK - Brooklyn's "Girlwave" Sensation

THICK to me encompasses everything that is Brooklyn today. They're gritty, smart and independent. Also, this “Girlwave” three-piece punk group is more hip than the hipster scene which surrounds them.

Their live shows are chaotic and seem unhinged at times while simultaneously create a calming atmosphere due to their soothing melancholy type melodies, which are truly unique.

It may be just me, but being a fan of both HBO’s “GIRLS” and Brooklyn’s THICK, I've imagined hearing one of their songs or even a live cameo appearance within an episode. If they had been on Lena Dunham's radar, I really believe that would have been a reality.

BMN: For the life of me, I could never figure out who plays what instrument exactly. Please set us straight.

Nikki-Guitar, Kate-Bass, Shari-Drums

THICK seems incredibly comfortable onstage for such a young band. How long have you guys been together?

Nikki: THICK was formed in BK in 2014 and Kate joined the band in the fall of 2015 so we have really only been playing together for a year and a half. We are all best friends and I think our presence on stage is just us genuinely having a fun time together.

Shari: It seems like we've known each other forever. We're still a newish band, but have been in bands for the past several years!

Kate: Yeah, it’s crazy to think we haven’t been playing together forever. If ever anyone’s feeling nervous on stage, there’s always someone else there to smile at them or spit beer in their face… that always calms everyone down, lol

Do you have plans for touring and/or playing outside of New York again any time soon?

Kate: I’m dyyying to tour. It’s so much fun to play in new places and with new bands. We did a bunch of small weekend tours this summer to cities near us, but haven’t done anything major yet.

Nikki: Ya, we want to!! We are trying to set up something for SXSW, procrastinating per usual and hoping things just fall into place.

Shari: I think we're trying to swim in the smaller pools before we take laps in the big ones. We all want to tour, but we are trying to do as much as we can in NY!

Are you fortunate enough to possess free rehearsal space?

Nikki: Hah we wish, nahhhhh but we do share a great space filled with all our friends.

Your songs have such unique melodies. Who’s mainly responsible for coming up with them?

Nikki: It really is a collaborative process. Usually one of us comes to practice with a riff or idea and we all play around with it. One of us might come up with some catchy 0o0o0o and another develops the dynamics, and the other comes up with lyrics.

Shari: We've always been a band that put the melodies first. When I first met Nicole we talked about how important melodies were, and that we wanted to make music that would encompass that! When Kate came into the band, she helped shape the music with a bunch of ideas musically/lyrically.

Kate: Agreed. It’s a rare band dynamic. It’s so much fun writing together! It usually all comes together pretty seamlessly.

Who are each member’s biggest musical influence(s)?

Nikki: I always say this, but Blink-182 is a huge inspiration. They were so fun and catchy and didn’t take themselves too seriously. Also Bikini Kill, they weren’t afraid to try something new and just did it.

Shari: I grew up obsessed with Blink-182. I also love "Dad Rock". I use to watch Keith Moon videos as a teenager, and couldn't believe that was capable of being played on a drum set!

Kate: I’m not as obsessed with Blink… I definitely appreciate a lot of the bands from the Riot Grrrl era. I’m also generally big on 80's punk from DC as much for the DIY attitude, as the music.

Any plans for recording a full-length LP?

Nikki: Ya! We have like a bazillion songs that haven’t been recorded yet. We are in the process of getting the demos done.

Kate: We’re all really excited to lay down some new tracks!

Shari: We should release an LP of all our bad iPhone demos.

THICK seems to use Fender guitars exclusively. Is that fair to say?

Nikki: Honestly, I was biking in Queens one day and came across a garage sale. I saw a fender guitar and figured it would be too expensive but it was only $20!! I play it because I was in the right place at the right time.

Kate: When I bought my first bass (a Fender Jazz), the guy selling it goes “I don’t normally recommend Fenders for girls, but you’re tall.” That didn’t make a ton of sense to me, but I’ve played Fenders basses and guitars ever since.

What media sites do you use to discover new music?

Nikki: Bitch Magazine

Shari:! Jk. I mostly find new bands through Spotify.

Kate: I go on Oh My Rockness all the time for show listings. Their band reviews are usually on point and they’re bite-sized, so you get a pretty quick idea of whether you’d be into it or not. Discover Weekly on Spotify has been getting better and better. For punkier stuff, I usually trust Gimme Tinnitus.

Do you have a “go to” setlist, or do you wing it the day of and is it a collective effort?

Nikki: We never play with setlists because I was convinced it was unlucky. So we go on stage with a general idea of what songs we wanna play and just go for it. We always forget something.

Kate: The first time Nikki told me setlists were unlucky, we walked off stage and she changed her mind haha. We were good about it for a while, but have phased back into playing on the fly. It can cause some hiccups but lets you adjust to the audience vibe more easily.

Shari: I never saw us, a band that tapes a setlist to the floor. We pretty much run the set at practice, but I still never remember the order, lolz

Thanks for taking the time out for BMN, thanks for all the great music and best of luck in the Fewch! Also, would love to hear those "bad iPhone demos"!

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