• Abigail Montgomery

Autodrone - This Sea is Killing Me

Autodrone have been around for something like 17 years now! Another NYC band pouring their black souls out into the Ocean of Nihilism. These cuts are deep with dark hearted dream swirls. Feeling sad? Sure you are! Look at that hump in office! This record won't help you feel any better and that is okay! Feeling sad can be really cathartic! Hell, get drunk too! Yell at someone! Yell at your mom!

The tracks are MOODY AS SHIT. The first track is a noisy little bit of organized chaos that sets the tone for the rest of the record. The guitars blend their shoegazey quality with the 60s swirl of organ sounds.

This is an atmosphere record. You put this fucker on, maybe drink a bottle of wine, and stare at the wall with the lights down contemplating your own meaninglessness. You can vacuum if you like instead while listening, you know, to feel productive while you are considering the Void. Maybe just move your arms around and pretend to vacuum. That’s called dancing, and that would work with this too.

There are a ton of spooky melodies going on here. The whole thing is psychedelic and noisy. I really like the drums and keys on “Le Velour.” The guitar riffs towards the close of this song are tasty.

“The Way, Way Down” does a nice job with paired vocals. I think this works well for them and would like to hear more of that. The pairing roots Katherine’s style in a way that doesn’t lose that dreamy quality she is shooting for. The guitar and keys kick in powerfully after that first vocal pairing.

The drum/guitar opening on “High Dying Sun” is VERY well crafted. I can see myself running in slow motion into the sweet embrace of a lonely bottle of strong spirits while listening to that.

Autodrone have put together a thoughtful record of well crafted music! A somber psych pop-goth piece of (psycho)candy to be savored while lying on your back, your hair spread out over the pillow, the ceiling a waiting daydreamscape.

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