• Robert Tate

Blue Snaggletooth - The Last Voyage of Amra

Ann Arbor Michigan...the birthplace of the Stooges in 1967. A city that was a hub of left-wing politics against the Vietnam war. The city that has now brought us this great band called Blue Snaggletooth. Listening to this band I feel like I'm back in the great days of fuzz, heaviness and melodic doom. I can only picture what one of their live shows looks like up close and personal...lots of long hair and sweat, being pummeled by Marshall and Orange stacks. Love that the spirit of this classic genre is being kept alive. Extra cool for their newest 3 song EP cassette called The Last Voyage of Amra. Pop it into the player in your beat up rusty old Nova and remember heavy real guitar driven rock still lives.


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