• Ronnie Black

Atom Driver - "Slackjaw" EP

I'm half in the bag with "Hate Me Now" blaring. Fuck yeah! Heavy, driving, sexy stops and starts. I'm angry. They sound angry. This is working.

Ok now we're on to "Slackjaw" - This one's quick, great riff, nice transitions. Vocal is steady and in your face. I'm not really a professional blog writer if you haven't noticed. Cool Fugazi-esque driving instrumental part. Cool its's still THAT'S A HOOK, MOTHERFUCKERS. YOU GET IT? do you know what a hook is? Listen and learn!

"Knives In" - dischordant, catchy post hardcore - I'm not that great with these genre identifiers.

"Cowboy" is fast and fuckin crazy. Holy shit dude is railing on guitar like fuckin Dave Mustaine and shit! What is going on? This is killer! Stream of consciousness etc.....feelin vibes?

The verdict: If you don't give this record a listen (BUY IT), joke's on you. Tell em Ronnie B said so. -xoxo

And fuckin big shout outs to my boys Dipthorpe and McCreary! You fuckers still owe me for that bar tab!!!

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