• Abigail Montgomery

Fad Nauseam - "Light Your Path" LP

Hey Philly, thanks for showing us another way to the darkside! I was busy changing the water in my fish tank (I only keep predatory fish so the water becomes murky quite rapidly with decaying leftovers) when I threw this on. Let me tell you, I could see a marked difference not just in the demeanor of my killer fish (they seemed to become more sinister, more focused, darker, less soul, more dead inside) but also in my own mood. I stopped cleaning the tank and laid down on my floor (a bare, cold thing) to absorb this record.

These folks know how to make a seriously heartfelt record. In their bio they say they, “wear their post punk influence on their sleeve” and this is apparent and marvelous. The songs are capable of using the sometime sparse instrumentation style of many deathrock outfits yet comes across with depth; a layered, tense meditation. They allow the negative spaces between notes and drum beats to create the emotional real-estate that is often mismanaged by lesser acts. Fad Nauseam understand how tempo and volume are an important part of creating atmosphere. And there are screams of anguish! YAY! We love screams of anguish!

The use of violin (and synth) creates high end accents that give this record a funerary quality. The female/male vocal exchanges work well and are balanced well in the mix. Fad Nauseam remain true to some classic deathrock traditions, but they are not afraid to explore beyond what may have come to be expected of the genre. They vaguely remind me of The Black Heart Procession in their willingness to explore an emotional state with novel sonic style.

The cover art is provocative and does a nice job of illustrating the bleak soundscape that lies within the album. Standout tracks include “Weep what you Sow” and “Violence is Golden.”

Planning on spending some time curled up with Gogol? Spin this in the background.

Contemplating the human condition? Spin this in the background.

Driving down the freeway, cursing the horror that is humanity? Spin this in the background.

Loss? Pain? Fire and darkness? Garmonbozia? Spin this in the background.

Want to hear some people who really care about what they are creating, who really know how to arrange songs? Spin this at full volume.

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