• Bob McCreary

IDES "Born to Run in Place" LP

Man oh man what I wouldn't give to be 25 again....gone are the days of the CB's sunday hardcore matinee and the careful turning of the dial to listen thru the static of the Pat Duncan WFMU show on Thursday nights. But listening to this on my top of the line iMac made me realize that as much as things change, thanks to the Punk Gods, these type of bands still exist. Hailing from NJ ( I hate the term "swamps", so fuckin cliche') IDES manages to successfully inspire me (and hopefully my young readers) to fuck shit up again. Their new collection called "Born to Run in Place" is chock full of chaotic, pushed into the red thrash core. Female fronted, and lemme tell you, this screamer has all the balls and more of the chaos than many of the sissy fucks who attempt this shit. The last time I heard bombastic sounds like this was at about 4:30 in the morning at the old A7 in NYC. The slightly lo-fi recording captures it perfectly...tight as fuck, but sounds like it could fall apart at any minute...classic.

The title track is my current fave, so spin all 13 and find your own. I'm referring this gem to my buddy Robert Tate who was with me at A7 that night. This band is dangerous, I would say see them live and fuck being careful....fuck the venue up with them, that is if it's still together after they start playing.

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