• Abigail Montgomery

Sievehead - "Into the Blue" LP

Oh hey, I was just thinking of you as I was contemplating driving my head through a wall while listening to this record. It is a brilliant thing this one. There needs to be a new crop of angry, despairing music that eeks out of this terrible political climate. We need more noise and we need it now. I know it is a couple of years old, but it is powerful, powerful stuff and while my sheetrock sweats it out, I’ll tell you a bit about it.

Think about bad things. Okay, that was easy. Now, think about Death. Got it? Got Death? Wasn’t too difficult. Not that those things necessarily connect to this album, but hey, I’m trying to create an atmosphere here, don’t be a smart ass. Now think about a sound between The Adolescents and T.S.O.L. Think about that sound, now forget about it, then think about that sound if that sound was from Sheffield, UK and it wasn’t quite that sound. Shit, this isn’t helping is it?

Okay, I’ll try again. Sievehead capture a desperation in their sound. Some may call them post-punk, but I’m not so into that term. If Jamie from Small Wonder had a desolate internal monologue it might sound like this. Just look at this kid? Am I wrong? He is DONE. His father loves a robot more than him and she can kick his ass. His eyes are dead. Look at him. He is thinking about that shovel in the shed outside and where to start digging. He hears Sievehead.

The vocals are throaty and pleading. The songs are loaded with as many hooks as Pinhead’s rumpus room. There is something in the sound that is aware (perhaps subconsciously) of a connection to some of the noisier, experimental bands of the 90s. They have a bit of hardcore, they have a bit of indie, some deathrock, they have a lot of punk, but not the over-polished bullshit stuff.

“Look Both Ways” makes me want to rip my shirt off in a hyperbolized horror and hold the back of my hand to my forehead while thrashing my poor blood red couch. My favorite track is “Dream Snatchers,” which uses delay so very effectively, so very perfectly on both the vocals and the guitar. They GOT IT with this song. They take that delay and make it WORK WELL.

I’m probably a schmuck for often skipping over “Try the Mirror,” but “Into the Blue” and “Last Words” are so enticing, especially when I am just about to end my commute. I need to hear those songs before I attempt to deal with my life. They are Richard Moll strong.

If you like thoughtful, bleak, well-crafted music, you should give these folks a spin. Fuck Mrs. Poole.

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