• Spencer Dipthorp

Thee Creeps - "Grave Pop" Cassette

A few years in the making, Thee Creeps pounded out yet another delightful batch of bombastic, twangy tunes. While listening to "Grave Pop", I found myself getting nostalgic. It's retro vibe, prompted me to reach for my 1960’s "The Great Garloo". Does that make sense to anyone but me? The type of stuff you’d hear on WFMU’s "Dave the Spazz show", Thee Creeps seem intent on keeping today’s garage rock, alive and well. The production is pretty good, considering it was literally recorded in a garage. While I can understand, wanting to keep a band’s sound consistent, I would have liked a to have heard a few of these cuts with some clean vocal tracks as opposed to the heavy reverb featured throughout.

"Shitlluck" is hard rocking and relentless while "Roach Ghost" has a mean, hard driving swirl.

"Grave Pop" is a feel-good collection of zany and poppy garage rock tuneage, that I know I'll be slipping into my tape deck again soon.

Note: Their Brooklyn-based label, King Pizza Records have a killer roster which I implore everyone to check out. It's good shtuff!


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