• Robert Tate

Recording Engineer Extraordinaire - Kevin Lacatena

BMN: What first got you interested in recording? KL: A buddy of mine, Mike Rose who worked at Sam Ash, sold me a Yamaha 4-track cassette recorder or something like that, and just recording friends bands and what not, in my apartment. After about a year or two the neighbors were none too happy as it kind of grew a little bit and started playing drums, so that was the beginning of it. I rented a space after that and put together a bit more gear. That's that exciting story. BMN: Which high profile artist have you worked with? KL: A lot of different guys. Mostly a lot of guys from different bands, little side projects, and guest appearances and stuff. Guys from Bad Religion, Circle Jerks... Tony from The Adolescents was a sweetheart, I stayed at his house. Some of the earlier guys from like, Social Distortion. A Great Big World, actually Ian. I worked with him for a summer. All those guys were great. Ian is great. BMN: Is it true that you were in competition with Dave Grohl to buy the Sound City Neve board? KL: Absolutely, absolutely. Yeah, he outbid me. What are you gonna do? To the better man. BMN: Is it true that you have an irrational fear of going to the eye doctor? KL: Hahaha! BMN: Besides circus peanuts, what other gifts do artists bring you? KL: Ah, love the circus peanuts. It's all about the sugar, really. BMN: How do you like being the staff engineer of Pyrrhic Victory Recordings? KL: I love everything about it except for the bands and the guy who owns the label. BMN: Besides your diet of cigarettes and coffee, what else is mandatory for recording? KL: And bacon sandwiches. Done. That’s a day. That’s work, right there. Starts with the iced coffee, which is essentially an excuse for sugar. Bacon. You don’t even need the bagel necessarily, but they put it on the bagel. Pizza, often just the cheese, and whiskey. BMN: Is it true that you love cereal, but hate milk? KL: Absolutely. I eat it as a snack out of the box. Milk is disgusting on a cereal. It makes it soggy and it’s really difficult to eat with your hands. BMN: Is it true that all your headphones leave black shit around everybody’s ears?

KL: Alright, I have two pairs that the foam padding is getting a little worn out and it does leaves a little bit of a beard around your ear, and I leave them here and use them for that purpose because it seems to anger you guys and that seems to please me, haha. We get better performances. We are doing lots of loud, aggressive music, aren’t we?

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