• Abigail Montgomery

Galanos - Deceiver Receiver

The negative spaces between negative spaces. The sweet tug of merciless wit and brutal

beauty. These are some of the things I think about when I listen to the new Galanos record

“Deceiver Receiver¨” which just came out on Pyrrhic Victory Recordings a few short weeks ago. They claim allegiance to all manner of human darkness and it shows. Songs that swirl in the maelstrom to be dashed onto the rocks of some lonely gothic beach. Songs about babies being thrown overboard because of illness to the gnashing teeth of circling sharks (Mariana Trench). Songs about dead men who draw their offspring closer to them to try and pass on some unknowable message (Padre Song). Songs about men who stalk other men while strung out on drugs (Feel Good).

I can’t stop listening to this album. It is weird and alluring. I think I have figured something out about the songs and then some new lyric pops into my head from the swarm and I am left thinking even more. This is a great record. I mean, it really captures a lot of different styles and mashes them together in a respectful way. I hear surf, I hear punk, I hear deathrock/goth, I hear noise and indie and even the twang of rockabilly. It works here so well because of the honesty of its construction. I was a fan of the first record when it came out (Vacation Cannons), but this one has blown me away. Grab yourself some Kleenex and prepare to get sad and angry. These weirdos have been doing this for quite some time and you should know about them because they matter.

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