• Vince Arroyo

Lovely Wife - Problem Rock

While this review assignment would have been more suited for Spencer Dipthorp, (I think BMN Bob likes to keep us on our toes) I found myself oddly compelled by Lovely Wife's Problem Rock. The first time I heard a racket similar to this, was Distorted Pony back in the 90's. Problem Rock is an absolute assault on your senses, and it's interesting tempos

and changes keep you intrigued as to where each change is going to go. Unlike your average Stoner/Noise outfit, Lovely Wife are a bit disturbing. A disclaimer should be given to any listener who is unfamiliar with this genre, and that goes for the rest of Cruel Nature Record's releases. While Lovely Wife are not exactly my cup of tea, I thoroughly enjoyed this chaotic, three song Juggernaut as I made it through all of Problem Rock. I don't understand the deceiving band name and confusing art, but like SUNN O))), this sorta stuff always makes me need to poop and I'm totally having nightmares tonight.

Listen at your own risk.

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