• Ronnie Black

Historian - I Need a Future

As I sit and sip my Irish whiskey and listen to "I Need a Future", I feel transposed to a different time, a different world, one that perhaps never existed, one that perhaps never will - a place where things might actually have meaning, some objective reality that pervades the consciousness of all. Historian pushes forth a brooding mood and aura amidst a musical canvas that includes a clean(ish) guitar sound along with an interesting, unique

voice and vocal approach. The melodies and lyrics capture your attention and pull you in. The simplistic but heavy drums seem to come in and out at the perfect times.. What does the next song sound like? - This was my 1st thought after "...Future" ended. Hey man, if you're into the psych/folk genre, this will be up your alley. It's haunting enough to disturb, but not to the point where you're in need of heavy medication. Historian's music feels like a unique exploration into the existentialist realm, a Camus inspired search for meaning, a search for purpose. A search for something my therapist says doesn't exist, but what the fuck does she know? Give this a listen, and purchase if you can.


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