• Ronnie Black

John Hufford - Sleep EP

I'm nursing a wicked hangover, checking out John Hufford's new EP. The first track is pleasant and calming, kinda what I need right now. That and 3 advil. Highlight at 2:25 with cool percussion unexpectedly coming in while Hufford wails "endorphins flow! hallelujah!" I could use some flowing endorphins right about now. Lemme play that one again. The 2nd track "Chicago" seemed a bit weak compared to the first track but "You're Not Here Right

Now" is a nice continuation of where the first track was going, also including interesting percussive elements. Seems Hufford is influenced by Elliot Smith and 90s indie and blends that sound with current folk/americana leanings. He does it well and you can hear it on this new EP. While not generally a genre I listen to often, it caught me at the perfect time this AM as I prepare for last minute Christmas shopping. The last 2 songs are strong as well. Hufford clearly has talent, and I look forward to future releases to hear his inevitable growth.

PS - Sticking to wine doesn't work. My head is pounding. Thanks, John.

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