• Ronnie Black

Industrial-Strength Rock Grit from Will Loomis

I was put off initially with this attack on Big Pharma, I mean, yeah it's a corporate giant peddling drugs to the masses, but if you just stay away from the opiates, in my estimation, you should be good. They do have SOME good stuff. But anyway, "Home" has some nice stuff going on - a simplistic but cool riff dominates, and you hear the Iggy influence in spirit and vocal approach. Pretty cool. The next song "Take Heart" makes a clear statement that

Loomis isn't a one-dimensional artist, as it's more of a mid-tempo rock/pop song. "Father" is more of a 70s kickback, and more of the Iggy/Bowie inspiration can be heard, but not in a copycat way, Loomis has his own style. While his influences can be heard, his delivery and approach is unique on its own. A lot going on here. It's experimental enough to add interesting elements to straight rock songs, but not too much to the point where it takes away from any of the songs. "US of RX", the anti-Big Pharma track has a killer fuzz bass sound which dominates the track. Musically, it's quite interesting, although the chorus is a bit of a let down, as it misses the catchiness of the other tracks. You hear Iggy there, but not in a good way, more like in one of those Iggy records you never listen to (think "Soldier" or "Zombie Birdhouse"). Also, what's more fun than taking some blues and wandering around? That was actually my plan for the day. That said, there is a lot of great work on this record. It's a unique work that deserves your attention and a listen through. Good stuff.


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