• Ronnie Black

The Tigerlilie's Timeless Garage Nuggets

The Tigerlilies...just what I needed after waking up at 4am with an IBS attack. Popped some kaopectate, made some tee, a couple tokes and sweeeeeet...This record fuckin rocks. A sweet blend of pop/rock (some power pop elements as well) along with a straight punk rock twinge. These guys have been around for a while, since the early 90s, and after a long

hiatus are back with this great record "Space Age Love Songs", which is certain to knock you out of your "all new music is lame" trip (stop being old and cranky, its boring). From the opening track "Chances Are", as power pop as they get, this song is catchy as hell and catches you right away, sucks you right in. Great guitar parts, the song has room to breathe, and pounds away till the end. Definitely a highlight. The next track "Contact" is a little more in your face, as you feel the Buzzcocks and Ramones influences a bit more. I could go on and on about all the songs, but trust me, they're all great. I will add though, that the single "Honey" is also catchy af, here the band slows down a bit and really shows off their ability to write straightforward yet really catchy songs that encompass the spirit of punk while maintaining their clear reverence for pop-minded songwriting. Well done.

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