• Robert Tate

Almost Honest - Thunder Mouth

It's snowing...I fucking hate snow! Is it snowing in New Cumberland PA. too? It's sounds like it, at least in the place where Almost Honest is right now, and their preparing to eat anything with a pulse to survive. I like the sound of this monster group. To be completely honest, I was expecting to see a pic of this band and was surprised they weren't middle aged, greasy fucks, with beards like me. They look like kids, but play like they've been living it, and I like that. They're playing music that could be a soundtrack to a stoner freaks life.

Down tuned guitars and songs over 5 minutes always have a place in my musical appreciation bank, and these kids just made a deposit. The title track and '72 Cosmos are my two faves right now...I'll probably keep hitting repeat on the playlist til spring. Robert suggests you do the same.

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