• Joe Pugsley

Joy Cleaner "Easter Tuesday" 7" lathe cut / Dromedary Records

Wow. Nothing short of infectious indie pop from Bloomfield's Joy Cleaner on this killer lathe cut 7" brought to us by the always reliable NJ micro indie label Dromedary Records. Dromedary has been releasing killer independent music from a slew of great artists since the early 90's. They took a bit of a hiatus and are now releasing new music again (sweet). And this Joy Cleaner record does not disappoint. Catchy as hell and with a clear nod to 90s indie rock sensibilities, it somehow captures a lo-fi feel, but with a solid sounding recording. Songs with true, killer melody within well written pop structures seems to be a fading art form these days, making this record a truly refreshing surprise, and one worthy of your support. Check the links below for more info, upcoming shows and to inquire if there are any physical copies left for sale.

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