• Joe Pugsley

The Campfire Flies - "Sparks Like Little Stars" OverPop Records

I'm glad this record came across my path as I had heard of the Campfire Flies but had yet to actually hear them, and unfortunately that tends to happen too often at times, and I'm sure I miss out on some good stuff because of it. This would have been no exception. The Campfire Flies make amazing music that is not easily described. It's tough to nail down a genre or a blend of two, and tedious and difficult to attempt to come up with comparisons to give the best understanding of how this band sounds. In my view, the trickiness in trying to capture these sounds with words is a testament to the band's unique, complex, and inspiring music and instrumentation. I hear it as an eclectic execution of atmospheric, melodic indie rock, steeped with incredible vocal layering, harmonies and the sounds of proficient multi instrumentalists at work. Then I realized the band was full of well respected musicians who have been in many other amazing bands in and around the area and that it was recorded with Don Sternecker up at Mix O Lydian and I was a bit less surprised about how great it sounded (as I'm familiar with Don's great work), but still excited to have been exposed to some extremely interesting, well executed songwriting and proficient instrumentation on this record. Well done! Highly recommended!

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