• Joe Pugsley

James Parm - "Oh My Darling"

Self described as "downer pop-rock", Montreal's James Parm's new record "Oh My Darling" is more expansive and intricate than what you might expect from such a simple description. I know it's tough to have to come up with a short description of your sound when music can be so complex, but hey, life's not fair and it's part of what musicians have to do these days to reach ears. He's not far off though, and the good part is that his music is much more

complex and intriguing - this is dynamic music with intricate song structures that can get low, high, aggressive, and many places in between. There are great parts with isolated bass, others with electronic drums, others straight heavy(ish) indie rock, female backups in some key spots. It's catchy and has great hooks. Parm has a great voice too that he doesn't cover up with overly distorted guitars (unless he feels like it), and it is isolated in plenty of spots where you can hear his raw emotion and sincere delivery. I hope he comes down to the tri-state area soon. I'd love to catch him live. Overall, a really great listen that bodes well for an interesting future!