• Bob McCreary

Is Scary Hours' - 'Live to Serve' a masterpiece?

Okay, I’m calling it. “Best Record of the Year” thus far. There, I said it. You can probably imagine, we here at BMN, receive a lot of requests for reviews, and the truth is, my team and I, are a bunch of lazy sods. We do this in our spare time, but this record is a flat out,

moving experience, that forced me to get typing. The songs are all different while being somehow, cohesive. Is this "acoustic punk"? It doesn’t matter. I can’t remember the last time a record evoked such a variety of emotions in me. A collection of heartfelt ditties that take you on an ominous, blue-collar journey, accompanied by sweet, whimsical strumming. There’s no denying that it's a depressing record. Struck seems to lie to himself on the title track, with the defeating "If I can make it here, then I can make it anywhere... If I don't make it here, I'll never make it anywhere." It closes with the final words “If you want to change the world, just let it die” which makes me think of man-made climate change and I’m afraid you’ll find yourself throwing your hands up in defeat along with Scary Hours. Good thing this CD doesn't come with razor blades. Along with all this negativity, somehow 'Live to Serve' manages to brighten your day, while standing under a dark cloud. Ryan Struck’s 'Scary Hours - Live to Serve' just may be a masterpiece. Again, I’m calling it.

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