• Spencer Dipthorp

Brickbats - Who doesn't love Sleestaks?

Full disclosure: I'm trip'n balls right now, and this latest release from the Brickbats is scaring the shit out of me. Seriously, these tunes are not for the faint of heart. The songs seem distressed, at least in my current state of mind. That being said, these new Brickbat

tracks will take you on a "Horror Punk", nightmarish journey if you allow them to. Did you guys record this in a haunted house? The production is just okay but has a cool, retro feel. The beautiful Corey Gorey delivers a one/two punch with his vocal delivery that makes up for any audible imperfections. "Puppets of Night" just should not be. Fuck this shit. I need to go somewhere else to feel safe. Great job, Brickbats for making me feel like I just watched a real scary childhood B-Movie. Ugh

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