• By Robert Tate

Social Gravy's "California" will chew you up and spit you out

​​Whoa, this kinda came out of nowhere when I wasn't expecting it. I was going thru a little (big) depressing episode when I discovered this. And although it didn't improve my state of mind it DID provide a "soundtrack" to my current mood (something I felt was missing in my humdrum life) In a nutshell I like this...the slide guitar over the acoustic made me feel like I was in the ending credits of a Hank Moody disaster. Driving up the PCH with the sun setting to my left. Yeah, I see myself in this song. And that's one thing I NEED in music, to feel like I'm a part of it somehow. This track is not overproduced, not forced...just easy and delightful. California is a big state, it WILL eat you up and spit you out.. Do we need MORE songs about it? Well, I'll take one more...this one. Bravo

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