• Joe Pugsley

LOVEBYRD's Depressionpop


I first stumbled across LOVEBYRD's music on Soundcloud a couple years ago. I fell in love with "Shot From The Sun" almost instantly after first hearing it. So I dug into the other tracks they had posted and loved them too. The band, hailing from Saarbrücken, Germany lists their genre as "Psych, Depressionpop, Krauth". "Depressionpop" - perfect. I remember I checked back a couple times to see if they put anything new out, but didn't find anything. I hadn't checked in a while so I was psyched when a new song of theirs popped into my news feed. Their music is unique dreeeaaamy psychedelic pop that gets stuck in your head. Their new track "Getting Depressed" is a superb little pop song that you start nodding your head to before the drums kick in. Stefanie Krauth's vocals are pristine and purposeful, as her voice and melodies are clear highlights. I went back to their soundcloud and was happy to see they put another record out about a year or so ago that I missed. The record "Content" is available on vinyl (2 LP), which I happily picked up. Links to everything are below. Highly recommended.

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