• Spencer Dipthorp

stAlkid - Dreams In The Witch House

stAlkid seems troubled but managed to produce a super cool, melodramatic record. The tunes are a bit sad sounding and creepy, in an acoustic, Concrete Blonde sort of way, with some J Mascis type vocal stylings on top. Intrigued? You should be. It's that good. At the start, I assumed the album was more

about mood and feel, possibly lacking musicianship, but proven wrong when stAlkid eventually slips in some real tasty, blues guitar playing. He even managed to sample a nose sniffle on "My Heart is a Stone". Now that is something I haven't heard before, and it works! I feel a little guilty having enjoyed Roman Non's album this much, (like I've taken advantage of someone's apparent depression and/or inner turmoil), but grateful he managed to pull himself together to create this gem. I highly recommend this record for my fellow shoe-gazers and rejoice in stAlkid's melancholic offerings.

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