• Joe Pugsley


Your publications fold, or you don't last, and they replace you because your writing is awful and you don't really know a thing about music. No one reads it anyway. Your venues and labels close because you treat musicians like panhandlers, can't run a business and think the promoter or label owner is the new rock star (you're not and never will be), you mock the young and/or unestablished as if you can actually write a song yourself, you post banter or act in ways when directly involved at every opportunity to diminish the efforts of the creative spirit and impulse. I have some advice: Just fucking stop. You think no one cares about said band? Maybe no one does, but who the fuck cares or knows about you? 25+ years in this. I've seen so many of you come and go. Same shit, just different faces. "You tell me that I make no difference, well at least I'm fucking trying! What the fuck have you done?!" If you think this is about you, it probably is. We will outlast you all.