Death Vacation gets in the van

Thursday, December 15, 2016

New Jersey's Death Vacation is keeping the Grindcore scene alive. With the release of their new EP "Bones Grow Cold",  we can't help but feel a resurgence for the early 90's genreBlood Makes Noise caught up with the band on their way home from their first official tour. 

BMN: The first time we listened to Death Vacation, we were reminded of the band Dropdead. I’m assuming you’ll take that as a compliment?

DV: Never heard of them...but we all definitely have their shirt.

BMN: Collectively, what bands would you say is Death Vacation’s main musical influences?

DV: Either TLC or Madball. Johnny Cash covering Nine Inch Nails and the soundtrack to Hawaii Five-0.


BMN: The band is only a year old, yet you’ve played tons of shows and have quite a few releases. Aside from cassettes and a flexi disc, do have plans to print CDs?

DV: No…we mean yes…well maybe…probably not, but we're working on a 7 inch.

BMN: Your latest effort, "Bones Grow Cold" EP is a scorcher, I must say. What is the message behind the title track?

DV: "Bones Grow Cold" deals with the effect of burying emotions/issues until eventually becoming numb and complacent.

BMN: Do you prefer the recording studio or playing live?

DV: Live.

BMN: Has your lineup remained the same since the band’s inception?

DV: We swapped bass players but who really gives a shit about him. We're more upset by having to cut our horn section.

BMN: You're heading home from your first road tour today. Do you have a reliable vehicle?

DV: Although we're a vegan quote a license plate we found in Georgia. "If this car was a horse we'd have to shoot it".

BMN: I've noticed you have Death Vacation Beer koozies for sale. Are there other novelty items on the horizon?

DV: We're pressing records soon so we can melt them into snack bowls. Beer koozies are not a novelty, they're a necessity.

BMN: What are some of the craziest things you’ve witnessed at shows?

DV: At a roadhouse bar in Tallahassee, FL the day after a hurricane, off the back porch there's nothing but mud and fallen tree limbs. Half way through a punk/metal festival, the end of a dudes hip hop set is finished with an acoustic song on the back porch in the key of E for ever last. The sound of a sports car motor revving, catches our attention. As we look over two dudes in a top down Porsche turn the corner. In an attempt to do a burnout, mud is flying into the vehicle as they eventually accelerate straight into a fallen tree that jerks the whole car. The drivers face was unchanged during this event. I'm actually not even sure if he was alive, like some Weekend at Bernie's shit, his lifeless leg may have been pushing the pedal to he floor. Drug use may have been involved as it was quite an apparent part of the vibe of the night.

Going inside to grab another drink in an attempt to get on these people's level or at least somewhat understand what's going on, I ask the bartender for a common beer and by the look on his face he might as well been the driver of that car. He goes to the back where they store the beer only to come back not knowing what they had in stock, so he brings me to the back and shows me a fridge full of the beer I had asked for.


Oh yeah, and some Frank Zappa dude escorting some young twenty-something into the woods carrying nothing but jumper cables. It was an interesting night to say the least.

BMN: Thanks for taking the time for Blood Makes Noise and good luck to Death Vacation's future endeavors.

DV: Disclaimer: We responded to this on the drive back after the tour was over. Our brains are fried. Hope you still like our music.

BMN: Haha. Oh we get it, and we do!






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