Voice of Doom - "Screams in Space" EP

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


What a year 2016 has been...my credit card was hit pretty damn hard this year, attending BOTH Riot Fests to see the Misfits reunion shows. After coming down off THAT high, reality set in when I opened my mailbox to see my credit card bill, but my mood then did a complete 180 when i saw yet ANOTHER new release from Voice of Doom! Holy shit, these guys cranked out what IMHO is their absolute best release to date, a six song inferno called "Screams in Space". Crazy, cool artwork in a slick gatefold, but once I put the cd on, my


speakers just went up in flames. These guys are certainly putting the experienced ears of their legendary producer to the test with this one. Nonetheless, from the opening of "Operator, Get Me the Police!" to the very Static Age era sounding "Trilogy of Terror" it's a crazy car crash I absolutely cannot look away from. The VOD boys once again fail to disappoint, combining ferocious output of sound while keeping it fun and frightening.

In addition to my already obtained monster cereals, once again my favorite horror punk quintet, delivered another Halloween treat. Their label PVR is putting out some great new releases and after you order the new VOD cd, sample some of the other artists as well....tell 'em "too old to be caught in a mosh pit Bob" sent ya!





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