Dead Leaf Echo

Saturday, January 20, 2018

I tend to forget about Shoegaze for whatever reason. Maybe it has to do with it's dismal and depressing experience and the emotions it evokes when listening. Rainy days, Mondays and Shoegaze always get me down, but in a good way, and Dead Leaf Echo does not disappoint. Beyond​.​Desire is a collection of stunning, mysterious, dark soundscapes and their Strawberry Skin EP is equally as satisfying.

They're so good in fact, they sent me down a path for seeking out new, similar artists who are keeping the genre alive, but while I've discovered a slew of new, comparable acts, I find Dead Leaf Echo
to be exceptional.

After a generous "microdose" of Psilocybin, listening to LG Galleon's vocals scared me a bit. I kept thinking Rozz Williams was trying to haunt me from beyond the grave so I found myself retreating back to the more ethereal, calming vocals of the Ana B selections.

One of my all-time favorite bands of the genre was Atlanta's Lucy      Dreams. I still miss them but finding Dead Leaf Echo has filled that void.

Thank you, Dead Leaf Echo for reminding me why this misunderstood style of music is important.

Apparently, the band is not currently touring, but I have this fantasy that I'll be seeing them in the spring, in Brooklyn, just as my PF cake's start pinning. Let's see if I'm right.





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